Dental Crowns

It can be stressful to find out that your child needs a crown.  Fortunately we now have zirconia crowns for children that are state-of-the-art, free of metal, and all white.  They look so natural, sometimes even we have to double check our charts to see where we’ve placed them.

Why My Child Might Need a Dental Crown

There are a specific instances when our doctor might recommend a crown for your child.  The most common reasons include:

  • Your child was in an accident or suffered a blow to the mouth, and a tooth was heavily damaged and in need of repair.

  • Your child has a cavity that is too large. The decay has gotten so deep that it has destroyed much of the tooth and there isn’t enough tooth left to support a filling.

  • Your child is at a particularly high risk of tooth decay and is likely to need more work in the future if the whole tooth isn’t protected. A crown can restore the remaining tooth structure and protect it from further decay or damage.

Using Pediatric Zirconia Crowns to Restore Teeth

When children need a crown, zirconia crowns are hands down the best esthetic option. They blend in seamlessly with your child’s other teeth and are extremely durable.

Another advantage to zirconia crowns for children is that they are premade. This means they can be fitted and placed all in the same visit, all without an impression. It’s much easier than an adult getting a crown.

It should be noted that for very young children who might be less cooperative, a stainless steel crown might be a better option, as our doctor can place these more quickly, even with variable levels of cooperation.

If you are worried that your child needs a crown, talk to our doctor or team to learn more if a zirconia crown would be a good option in your child’s circumstance.