Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF)

The use of Silver Diamine Fluoride in dentistry has been well documented for its safe and successful ability to help control tooth decay noninvasively.  Its application is a conservative approach for the treatment of certain cavities.  Dr. Jackson and our team can discuss if this is a good option for your child’s care.  

The initial application of SDF will be applied to appropriate teeth with active decay in very small amounts using a micro brush or special dental floss.

A second application is applied approximately two weeks following first application.

SDF side effects:

  • A cavity in the presence of Silver Diamine Fluoride will turn that part of the tooth dark. This is an indication that the decay in the tooth is arresting.

  • If Silver Diamine Fluoride comes in contact with skin and/or gums, temporary discoloration will occur. Our team takes precautions such as applying Vaseline to and around the lips and using a patient napkin to protect clothing.

  • If Silver Diamine Fluoride is placed on a tooth that has a tooth colored restoration on it, discoloration may occur.

  • Silver Diamine Fluoride placed on demineralized enamel (white lesions) may cause discoloration.

Attention to diet and snacking, as well as great home care, including flossing and using prescription strength toothpaste will increase the effectiveness of the SDF and lower the chance of needing a traditional restoration in the future.