Here's a small sample of testimonials from our amazing patient family members:

Adriane R.

"I can't say enough good things about Dr. Jackson, and the amazing staff at Asheville Pediatric Dentistry! My daughter is almost 3 and teeth brushing has been sheer T O R T U R E for nearly two years. I'm talking, hold her down and open her mouth kind of torture, because she's hated it so much from day one. Every day was a fight and I always felt absolutely horrible. Dr. Jackson gave us some tips and tricks, and now, most of the time, bed time routine and teeth brushing is a breeze! The office staff is incredibly professional. I am so thankful we found Asheville Pediatric Dentistry!"

Lynn C.

"The staff is joyful, caring and very knowledgeable. They make going to the dentist lots of fun for my kids! The office is brightly decorated. It is filled with trees, stuffed animals and fun toys to occupy your child while you wait to be called. Very kid friendly place!! With a highly trained staff!"

Heather W.


"All of the staff at Asheville Pediatric work together to make their practice something truly special. They take their time to make sure each child is comfortable with every aspect of the visit. Doctor Jackson goes above and beyond, she truly cares about the wellbeing of the kids. Showing the kids the dental tools, allowing them to feel them, explaining what things will feel like, all helps make children comfortable. All of my children happily go to their appointments. The way they sincerely care about their patients is very comforting and much appreciated."

Jay-V-Onna M.

"I highly recommend this dentist they was awesome fantastic and very and I do mean very nice,,and they made you feel welcome.They made my child really enjoyed going to the dentist it was almost unbelievable they explain every move they made to your child but in a different phrase so it makes it fun NOT,,scary or afraid. And the work they do is awesome and they're very gentle and understanding I would definitely definitely go back matter fact if I have to go somewhere that's where my child will be going for surgery or anything difficult for her mouth"