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Age One Dental Visit

The American Academies of Pediatric Dentistry and Pediatrics recommend children should visit the dentist within 6 months of the first tooth erupting, no later than 12 months of age. Early preventative care gives kids the best chance at being cavity-free. Studies have shown that compared to kids that started dental care at age 1, those that started later ended up with more expenses and required more treatment.

Routine Preventative Visits

All children should have preventative care appointments, including an exam, cleaning, fluoride treatment and if needed, x-rays. Doing this twice a year is recommended, although some children who are at a higher risk for cavities may need to come every three months to stay healthy. At these visits, our doctors can monitor any changes in your child’s oral health and diet and be able to make recommendations for any treatment needs. Our goal is to provide individualized guidance and support, to help your child have great oral health for a lifetime.

Digital x-rays

Digital x-rays allow the doctor to get a view of your child’s teeth and jaws that she can’t see with her eyes. They help diagnose cavities between your child’s teeth at an early stage often before the cavity breaks the tooth. When caught early, cavities can be treated much more easily, sometimes even with a few small changes to your home brushing and flossing routines (homecare).

In addition to detecting cavities, x-rays can detect un-erupted teeth, help diagnoses after trauma, and evaluate growth and development, including potential orthodontic needs. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends x-rays every six months to help detect cavities that can’t be seen by the naked eye, but the frequency is often less depending on your child’s risk for cavities. The amount of radiation by using digital x-rays is very minimal. Moreover, our team uses the utmost caution in protecting and minimizing your child’s exposure to radiation by using lead aprons and up-to-date equipment.


When your child comes for their dental cleaning, a topical fluoride varnish will be placed on their teeth following the exam. Fluoride helps strengthen any areas of weakened enamel and can remineralize places that are beginning the process of forming a cavity. Our varnish treatment reduces your child’s cavity risk by over 30% when done twice a year. In some instances, dietary fluoride supplements may be recommended depending on a child’s home water source for those that are at a high risk for cavities.


Sealants are used to help prevent decay by protecting the deep grooved and pitted surfaces of the teeth, especially the chewing surfaces of back molars where most toothbrushes cannot reach. We use a flowable resin (filling material) for our sealants rather than “sealant material,” to increase their longevity and durability. We also match the color of your child’s tooth so that the material is hardly noticeable. Research shows that sealants help protect against cavities for many years with the help of good oral hygiene and avoiding biting into hard objects or foods like ice or hard candy that might chip the sealants.

Restorative Dentistry

Should your child need any restorative treatment, one of our doctors and team will review the treatment plan with you and answer any questions you may have. We provide each service with the utmost consideration to the patient. You are welcome to accompany your child during treatment. This allows our doctors to show you how they are providing the best care for your child. It also provides an opportunity for the doctor to explain how you can take an active role between visits to ensure the dental health of your child. One of the ways our doctors accomplish natural smiles is by keeping as much natural tooth structure as possible. With their conservative approach, your child will only receive necessary treatment on the teeth needed. The end result is beautiful and natural!

  • Resin composite fillings (white fillings)
  • Sealants
  • Space maintainers and habit therapy appliances such as for thumb and finger sucking
  • Stainless steel and resin based crowns
  • Zirconia crowns
  • Pulpotomies (nerve therapy)
  • Extractions
  • Frenectomies

Extra Care for Anxious Children

Children are calm and comfortable in our pediatric dental office! For those children that might feel anxious during treatment and need more support than a gentle, caring manner to feel comfortable, we offer the following treatment methods:
  • Nitrous oxide
  • Conscious Sedation
  • General Anesthesia

Other Specialty Services

Our doctors' specialty training includes more than just restorative treatments. Some of the special areas of expertise include:
  • Trauma:
    • Broken teeth
    • Avulsed (knocked out) teeth
    • Splinting loosened teeth
  • Esthetic:
    • Microabrasion
    • Bleaching
    • Buildups to replace missing tooth structure
  • Orthodontics:
    • Space maintenance
    • Habit treatments (thumb sucking, pacifiers)
    • Mild crossbite correction
    • Appropriately timed referrals to orthodontists as needed

Asheville Pediatric Dentistry

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Why see a pediatric dentist?

To be a “PEDIATRIC DENTIST”, the dentist must have completed 6 to 7 years of training, which includes 4 years of dental school plus an additional 2 to 3 years of rigorous residency training in the specialty of pediatric dentistry. PEDIATRIC DENTISTS learn special techniques to address the unique needs of children, including dental trauma and infections, and have extensive formal training in how to keep children as comfortable as possible during any treatment.


Why see our Doctors?

Our doctors have specialized training and are recognized as Board Certified Pediatric Dentists. Both Dr. Jackson and Dr. Hardaway excelled academically during their dental studies, with Dr. Jackson graduating second in her class from Harvard School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Hardaway is commended as a leader in the dental community, serving as the President of the Southeastern Society of Pediatric Dentistry.


What do patients think?

Thanks to all who helped Amira with her first visit to the dentist this morning! The entire experience was a pleasure, from the people to the atmosphere to the decor. I look forward to bringing in Victoria for her first visit one day! - Christine Hartman"


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